India arrests a network transporting migrants to Russia amid the Ukraine conflict.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has produced a statement that seems to show that the agents were using social media to attract people that they were looking for. This statement was issued by the CBI.

It is anticipated that roughly thirty-five people have been taken advantage of by the con, which has been carried out in several states. The con has been carried out in several states. The information that has been provided by the agency serves as the basis for this estimate.

A new development has occurred as a consequence of the fight, which has led to the deaths of two Indians who had been deceived into traveling to Russia. This new development has come about as a result of the battle. The new development that has taken place is a direct result of the deaths of these two persons.

According to a statement that was published by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the individuals who were involved in the trafficking were participating in their activities in a manner that was consistent with the protocols of an “organized network.”

To entice young people who are “gullible” to travel to Russia by offering them “lucrative jobs,” it was reported that agents were using social media platforms such as YouTube in conjunction with their contacts in the regions where they were operating. This was done to persuade young people to come to Russia. To entice young people to visit Russia, was done through several means.

In a prior interview with the BBC, a guy from the state of Uttar Pradesh who was currently living in Moscow claimed that he had been tempted to migrate to Russia by a YouTube channel that promised him a monthly reward of 150,000 rupees ($1813; £1,415) at the time. This individual was staying in Moscow at the time of the interview. The interview took place in Moscow, where the guy in question was residing at the time. During the time that the interview was being carried out, this particular individual was residing in Moscow.

“We were not informed that we are being drafted into an army,” he explained to us. “Unfortunately, we are being drafted.”

An announcement was made by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) stating that it had made the discovery that Indian citizens who had been trafficked were being trained in combat roles and deployed to front bases in the conflict zone between Russia and Ukraine “against their wishes, thereby putting their lives in grave danger.” This information was disclosed in the announcement. The notification included this information as part of its disclosure.

In addition, the law enforcement agency has begun legal actions against several private visa consulting firms and agents, and it has also conducted searches in thirteen various locations, including Delhi and Mumbai. Within the scope of the legal action that has been taken by the agency, these businesses and agents have been the targets of the action.

It has been stated that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has undertaken a seizure of “incriminating documents” and technical equipment at these sites. Additionally, the CBI has reportedly taken the cash equivalent of five million rupees from these places. Furthermore, it has been stated that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has detained several individuals to question them.

“that some Indian nationals have enlisted for support roles with the Russian army,” the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had confirmed in the past, according to a previous report. This appears to have been the case. Taking into consideration the circumstances, this was a concession that was made.

In addition to this, it was mentioned that it was working together with the Russian authorities to obtain the release of Indian nationals who were serving in the military.

Furthermore, the ministry has issued a guideline that instructs “all Indian nationals to exercise due caution and stay away from this conflict.” This instruction was given before the crisis began. In this particular instance, the command was issued by the minister.

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